Television Although the origins of our stock were created for TV drama productions of the 1960s and 1970s, it has evolved and changed completely with time. As we worked on the series Chez Maupassant since the first season, we became aware that French productions were then beginning to focus on quality and historical accuracy. We…


Advertising Whether it is for a moving or a still image, well selected costumes contribute to tasteful ART. Advertisement posters, artistic photography and even desktop publishing creations will benefit from an appropriate costume. It will embody the character and catch the eye.


Cinema Providing costumes for the Cinema industry is our main activity. We are glad to welcome all customers with the same warmth, whether they are internationally famous Costume Designers or new to the profession.


Folklore Scottish Kilt and tartan, Bretons or Basques, Chinese peasant or Japanese lady, Middle-East Sultan, Flamenco dancers, Bohemians, Russian Princess or Texan Businessman…

Religious Clothing

Religious Clothing Sacerdotal clothing, rosaries and drawstrings, monk’s cowls and camails, Crown of thorns, Jesus and the apostles, Dominicans and Franciscans, Jesuites and Jansenists, Inquisition, Daughters of Charity with cornette, country priests, bishops with mitre, Cardinals with calotte, Pope with ceremonial coat…


Civilian Uniforms Judiciary, servants in livrée and grooms, students in High school blazers, old and nowadays SNCF agents (accredited), postmen, stewards and stewardess, butlers and chambermaids, Bus drivers and mechanics, municipal sweepers, cooks in chef’s hat, plumber in blue overall, hospital staff, zoo-keepers..