MILITARY PUBLICATIONS: when our team starts to write.


The key-men taking care of our uniforms department have got the subject under their skin.

A few years ago, RICHARD INGRAM wrote with Martin Brayley a several books on British uniforms. They are still refered to by specialists and can be found at any good bookseller’s as they have been reprinted.

The World War II British Women’s Uniforms – in colour photographs, published by Windrow & Greene, (1995, reprint in 2001 by The Crowood Press Ltd.)

Khaki Drill and Jungle Green: British Tropical Uniforms 1939-45 in colour photographs, The Crowood Press (2000, reprint 2009)

World War II Women’s Allied Services (Men at Arms 357), Osprey Publishing, Limited, (2001)

The World War II Tommy: British Army Uniforms – European Theatre, 1939-1945 in colour photographs, The Crowood Press, Limited, (1998, reprint 2007)

Richard also had several articles published in the british edition of Militaria magazine.

As for ROBERT D’ELIA, he was a regular contributor to MILITARIA MAGAZINE for years, sometimes co-writting with Robert Le Chantoux.

Indian soldiers during WWII have been thouroughly explained over several articles and issues.

His favorite subject is 1939-1945 (whichever front, whichever army) but his knowledge is quite vast. Ask him a few questions about Napoléon’s military strategy or uniforms of American soldiers in Irak and you are up for a good talk…

Founded in 1984, MILITARIA MAGAZINE is one of the most famous and reliable magazines dedicated to militaria, in France and over the world .

Every month, militaria collectors, contemporary historian enthusiasts and re-enactors find in the magazine fully illustrated articles about uniforms, weapons and equipement, insignae for soldiers and officers of 1914-1918 and 1939-1945.  Actually, all periods of 20th century are studied: interbellum (1919-1939), Indochine war (1945-1954), Algeria (1954-1962), Vietnam (1965-1975), etc.