We inherited a craft tradition which we care for and have applied to the constraints of an industry pressed by time, always keeping in mind two essentials: SAVOIR-FAIRE and CUSTOMER SERVICE.

We believe the best way our qualified team can answer our clients’ requests is based on a truthful relationship. We have a strong passion to share and we use it in a very humanist way, with a professional mind, to make projects easier and successful.

Our choice for traditional sewing machines for the Atelier (instead of any easy “press on the button” technologies) is an important matter to our eyes. So is an efficient organization and constant development of our costume collection.

In 1961, movie Director Jean Renoir talked about “THE BEAUTY OF THE CRAFT” (Beauté du Métier)”, an extremely important value. As Craftsmen and women, we identified completely to his speech since the first time we heard it (watch at minute 2.10, in French).