Our military dedicated warehouse gathers a wide range of uniforms from the Roman segementata to nowadays equiment, for French armies, British, American, German, Syrian, Israelian an more. Therefore, you will find 17th century Musketeers with cassocks, Huzzards in dolman and pelisse, Napoleon and his grenadiers. But also the 1914 French infantry with red trousers, horizon blue uniforms of 1915 onwards or colonial troops in drap moutarde. In addition, fully-kitted tommies of WWI and WWII with brodie helmets, US Navy and American GIs, Germans wearing pickelhaube or a stahlhelm, Luftwaffe and Wehrmacht in feldgrau. Uniforms of the Cold War, Korea, Algeria and modern kits for Afghanistan are available as well. And if we do not have them at the ready, we know how to get them.