Our company rents civilian and military costumes, as well as their accessories, primarily for film, series, television, and theater, but also for events, communication, commemorations, and live performances.

We are also open to individuals and corporate events.


We invite you to make an appointment at +33(0)1 40 11 13 08 with our colleagues to be welcomed under the best conditions.

Our qualified staff, knowledgeable about costume history, will guide you through different eras, generously offering advice. For costume professionals, we allow you to work as you wish in our aisles.

By working with us, you have access to our libraries and specialized costume documentation.


We can provide quotes upon request after initial contact.

Choice and Quality

The Company’s stock consists of representative pieces from each historical period.

Our costumes, spanning from Antiquity to the present day, are distributed among different stocks, each specializing in a period or function: civilians, military, functional attire, performances, traditional costumes, etc.

You will find authentic pieces and creations from various sources.

We regularly refresh our stock through productions in our workshop, purchases after audiovisual productions, and auctions.

The photos on our website are just a glimpse of the type of costumes we can offer, so feel free to contact us.