Sewing Workshop

Bespoke tailoring for men, women and children costumes is usual in our 250sqm Workshop. We create made-to-order and/or series. Large scale projects ? We have got ressources for more space and people and have experience in setting up several teams working at the same time.

Fabrication and sales of made-to-measure costumes

It may be the case that you have a very specific requirement and that you cannot find exactly what you have in mind in any of the other costume houses.
Our Atelier has all the skills you need, knows where to find right fabric and always delivers on time.

We can work from a base of your model and references or find ourselves the right patterns in our comprehensive archive.

Estimate costs after your initial consultation, then measurements taken, fabrics selected and onto fittings and delivery… we rest always at your disposition.

« Première location »

Depending on production considerations and budget constraints, we can manufacture “Première location”costumes for the “industry”.

We offer interesting terms in that we strive to keep manufacturing costs low in this circumstance so that the benefit for us is these new items return to supplement our stock at the end of the filming.

Customer service and Resources

We can help you from the conception till the dressing on the day filming.
Advice and help with your historical or stylistic research.

Access to our Library and magazine archive, specialized in history of costumes and uniforms

Dressing & Technical advice

  • Rental of our Atelier with qualified staff and equipment
  • Rental of Offices for Costume Preparation (2 x 160 m2)

  • Worldwide transports and logistics