La Compagnie du Costume was established in September 2000.

From our beginnings, our company set up a creation workshop, and the initial stock of a thousand pieces fit into 100 m². It quickly expanded through the acquisition of costume collections and the production of unique pieces or small series in the workshop.

In 2008, the purchase of premises in Garges-lès-Gonesse provided the necessary infrastructure to work on significant projects, both in terms of rental and manufacturing.

The acquisition of the stock of the company Costumes et Costume in March 2012 positioned La Compagnie du Costume among the leading costume rental companies in Europe.

The growth of the stock and the development of the workshop led us to settle in Saint Ouen, on the outskirts of Paris. This installation took place in two stages: 2015 with the arrival of 20th-century and military stocks, then in 2019 with the historical stock and the workshop.

Today, we have several warehouses totaling 8000m², including 5000m² for costume storage and accessories, comprising approximately over 2 million pieces.

Our stocks cover the entire history of costumes from prehistory to the present and beyond. These stocks are constantly evolving through the purchase of costumes and the production in the workshop.

The meticulous arrangement, sorting, and organization of costume collections, the restoration and maintenance of stock pieces, research, purchase, and study of documentation allow La Compagnie du Costume to constantly renew itself.

La Compagnie du Costume also consists of 21 individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences, all sharing a passion for fashion, costumes, and their history. Versatile and autonomous, they are dedicated to serving clients by sharing their expertise and craftsmanship.