La Compagnie du Costume was created in September 2000. The original stock was bought from France Costume (SFP- Société Française de Production) and extended right away by new acquisitions from different movie and theatre productions. Just as important was the creation of costumes at La Compagnie in our Atelier. At the time the company was located in Aubervilliers.
Having reached the limit of the stock capacity, we decided to buy new offices in 2008. With our new headquarters in Garges-les-Gonesse, we could then provide larger productions with a re-organized collection and a very large Atelier.
This was a decisive step stone. It brought us the costume creation of the musical Mozart Opera Rock the following year, a production on which we organized 2 Ateliers in parallel with a team of 30 during several months. We then appreciated our production capacity and ability to face large scale projects.
Our next major step was the acquisition of COSTUME & COSTUMES in March 2012, a collection focused on 1900-1980 which has been carefully selected for over 30 years.
This stock is located at les Docks de SAINT OUEN, a quiet place a few hundred meters from the Flea Market with easy access, convenient logistic and comfortable preparation offices.

Today, La Compagnie du Costume has got the stock, the buildings and the skills to works with confidence on international large scale productions.
Our policy of CONSTANT INVESTMENT in equipment, the daily creation of costumes at our ATELIER, selection and logical organization of our costumes and accessories collection, restoration and constant MAINTENANCE, research and thirst for historical documentation. All of these aspects as an regular focus make our company grow every day.