Costume rental

La Compagnie is specialized in the rental of civilian costumes, military uniforms and their accessories for cinema, television and theatre productions. We are frequently working on events and communication projects, commemorations and performing arts.

Our doors are open to private and corporate parties as well.

OUR MAIN QUALITY? You will almost only find ORIGINAL COSTUMES in our twentieth century collection.

A wide choice

Our collection covers historical periods from Antiquity to nowadays.

Whether you are after costumes for nobility, gentry, common people, religious or military characters, YOU WILL FIND ON THIS WEBSITE ONLY A FEW EXAMPLES OF WHAT WE HAVE GOT IN STOCK.

It may be hard to visualize what thousands of complete costumes mean. Let us just say that for the twentieth century collection we have more than 2.5 km of costumes and that the very best thing for you is to come and see by yourself.

Rental Fee

Costumes are rented by the week. The fee includes the fitting, alteration if needs be, the rental and professional dry-clean when costumes are returned.

Accessorizes (hats, bags and shoes) are included in the fee. Extra coats and some extra pieces of jewelry are not.

You are provided with a list of all the elements you are renting so that you can check easily what is to be returned.

We will ask for a deposit (cheque or transfer) which will be given back when the costumes are returned.


The collection has been refined over 30 years and each element has been carefully selected as being representative of each historical period, per decade.

As you would say about a good wine, our stock is ‘ripe’.
Our costumes look neither brand new ‘out of the shop’ nor too old or over worn. They are fit for realistic scenes of day-to-day life. But we have got a specific section for broken-off costumes. In our industry, this kind of detail shows right away on the screen.

The stock is in constant development as our workshops create costumes every week.

Customer Service: a priority

Our qualified team will guide you through our collection. We are knowledgeable about costumes through the centuries and eager to give you advice. But if you know what you are after, we will let you work as you wish in our place.

We do our best to help because we are passionate, not because we run a business.


Because we believe that costumes should fit perfectly to give the right silhouette, we strongly recommend that you come to our place for scouting and fittings. We can nevertheless understand the pressures sometimes put on your projects and can work with pictures and emailing.

Each costume we rent is double checked by the Atelier (seams, buttons and general state) before being handed over to you. We make sure it fits your actors perfectly.