Advertising Whether it is for a moving or a still image, well selected costumes contribute to tasteful ART. Advertisement posters, artistic photography and even desktop publishing creations will benefit from an appropriate costume. It will embody the character and catch the eye.


Cinema Providing costumes for the Cinema industry is our main activity. We are glad to welcome all customers with the same dedication, whether they are internationally famous Costume Designers or new to the profession. As their project is somehow our project, we bring our savoir-faire, knowledge and flexibility  as much as required.


Our costume rental fee includes shoes, hats or helmets, handbags, walking sticks or parasoles or military insignae. Our JEWELLERY ROOM gathers more than 7000 items. Necklaces, earings, brooches or rings are not included in our fee. Same goes for weapons like swords, handguns and riffles: they are extra costs.


RELIGIOUS CLOTHING Religious clothing is a codified and meaningful field. Our collection covers catholic historical Orders, Saint Bernard, Dominicans and Franciscans, Jesuites and Jansenists, Daughters of Charity with their cornette, for example. We have got clothing for other religions as well. In addition, we can supply and advise on the hierachy, from country priests to…


CIVILIAN UNIFORMS Judiciary, servants in livrée and grooms, students in High school blazers, old and nowadays SNCF agents (accredited), postmen, stewards and stewardess, butlers and chambermaids, Bus drivers and mechanics, municipal sweepers, cooks in chef’s hat, plumber in blue overall, hospital staff, zoo-keepers..


LAW ENFORCEMENT UNIFORMS French Gendarmerie and Police nationale, rural guards of the ancien régime, hirondelles (bicycle police) and Gardiens de la Paix with Raglan overcoats, CRS of Mai 1968, complete day uniform or ceremony outfits and insignae, GIGN in camouflage, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, NYPD or soviet KGB, British Bobby, Louisiana Sherriff …