Our library is a goldmine we dig in when creating costumes at the ATELIER but it is also a source for CHECKING and INSPIRATION when preparing silhouettes and characters.

When you come to our place with a project, you have free access to our documents.

Most of our archive is in French, English or German and covers all periods of history. You will find famous history of costume reference books, plates, patterns, sewing techniques…

A large section is focused on military and other types of uniforms is kept updated by our experts in the field, Robert D’Elia, Richard Ingram and Hakim Otmani, who have written books and articles themselves.

Not only will you find the right information per decade in the 20th century section, but also fashion magazines and shops catalogues..

Magazine titles include:

  • Le petit Echo de la mode
  • La mode illustrée
  • Le jardin des modes
  • Modes et travaux
  • Vogue
  • Elle