SINGIN' IN THE RAIN under the roof of Le Gand Palais.

Created by le Théâtre du Chatelêt, this musical has been a great success when shown to Parisians in march 2015. Anthony Powell, the famous Costume Designer was particularly satified with all the outfits he found at La Compagnie for the Duelling Cavalier, the ‘film in the show”. The acclaimed musical returns to Paris and will be played under the glass and iron roof of the Grand Palais till the 18th of January 2018.
Probably one of the most famous musical of Hollywood Golden Age, Singin’ in the rain deals with the transition from silent movies to ‘talkies’. Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen used a rather optimistic and light angle in the 1952 movie starring Debbie Reynolds and Donald O’Connor (and Gene Kelly, of course). But this theme has more recently been shown to the public as a trauma lived by Jean Dujardin in The Artist (2011) when his character, George Valentin, strongly refuses to adapt to the new era of talking pictures.

Costume Designer Anthony Powell worked with Canadian Director Robert Carsen once more for this show. The two men were already on the same boat in December 2010 when My Fair Lady was created for Théâtre du Chatelêt.

For the occasion, Monsieur Powell had asked maison Brochier in Lyon to print fine silk fabric with paterns designed by the famous painter Raoul Dufy. These paterns had never been used but could be found in the archive of the silk manufacturer… It clearly was a the birth of a specific historical fabric in our time. Here follows a short interview.