The 2017 February-March edition of LE FIGARO HISTOIRE focusses on the Russian Revolution. It encloses as well a 4-pages article on la Compagnie du Costume. It was a way to reach the general public and show our profession is a matter of entertainment industry as much as it is the preservation of a cutural heritage.

Sophie Humann, freelance journalist also writes historical novels for young readers. She took her time to capture the ambiance, the necessities and the passion that make La Compagnie’s daily routine.

She reported with the right words all the important facts she gathered when interveiwing all the members of our team. Renting and making historical costumes. It was a brand new world to her. Needless to say it would be for her readers.

Photo documentary was covered by Andrew Kovalev, a talented professional photographer from Tbilisi (Georgia) specializing in environmental, editorial and corporate portraits.

We particularly like his series of portraits taken in the next door flea market Marché aux Puces of Saint Ouen.

Discover them and the rest of his works on his site: https://ckovalev.com.