LACOSTE 2017 short film

Lacoste keeps on re-positionning the brand with this year’s campaign Timeless elegance, a finely crafted advertisement film. The quest for Love through eight decades refers to the always fashionnable polo Lacoste as a the golden thread.

Costumes selected by Madeline Fontaine and Marie Frémont were used in a 1930s Budapest railway station by 250 actors and extras. Director Sebastian Rice-Edwards translated on the screen the Elegance of the crocodile, on which time has no effect. He had already given a strong dimension to deep feelings in The big Leap in 2014,  the previous awarded Lacoste film.

Several luxury brands have decided to spend a decent budget to have short films (3-5 minutes) focussing on their strength through history, such as the Montblanc story with Hugh Jackman (2014) or the Tale of Thomas Burberry with Domhnall Gleeson (2016). It is Lacoste’s turn and it is, at least visually, a success.

By the way, if you are a bit into cinema, you may remember Director Seb Edwards as “Billy-boy”, the young Londonner who observes the Blitz with children eyes in John Boorman’s Hope and Glory in 1987.